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  • Fuel up for battle with an F3 energy boost drink! This sports drink provides clean energy support to sustain you through your workout or training session, increasing your endurance and helping delay exhaustion.
  • Promotes Mental Clarity - F3 is formulated with chamomile, GABA, and magnesium citrate that help enhance your brain function. With our zero sugar energy drinks, you can power through every session with a better mood, focus, and alertness!
  • Post Workout Recovery Drink - This energy boost drink is enriched with key amino acids that support muscle growth and recovery. Enjoy F3 as a post workout BCAA recovery drink to promote better sleep quality and prepare you for your next battle!
  • All-Natural Ingredients - This isn't an artificial pre workout drink. F3 uses only natural nootropics and muscle-building ingredients to support your memory and energy. This BCAA energy drink is paleo-friendly and contains zero sugar, carbs, or calories.
  • Refreshing Flavors - Savor the reinvigorating flavors of this muscle recovery drink! The F3 energy booster contains natural flavors enriched with wholesome mood boosters. Try both of its exciting flavors: Peach Mood and Orange Mood!

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